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Contact Tracing

In accordance with the HSE and HSC Guidelines, we are obliged to ensure we have a complete electronic Contact Tracing list in advance of all our events listing everyone who is on site during that period.  This includes grooms, volunteers, medical personnel, vets etc.  This list must be kept for a period of time as the HSE and HSC can request the list should there be further outbreaks of Covid-19.  It is most important that you provide the correct contact information when making your entry. 

If you are bringing one person to help you at an event, their name and contact phone number must be recorded.  

Anyone NOT on the Contact Tracing list will not be allowed on site and will be asked to leave. 

Contact Tracing will be checked by an official at the entrance to the event.  It is your responsibility to provide the correct information.

In addition, please note the following:

  • Only ONE person can accompany the athlete – this is to minimise the number of people onsite 
  • The only exception is if the athlete has the maximum of 3 horses, then they can bring two people
  • No children are to be allowed at the event
  • If you or anyone accompanying you are showing any signs of Covid-19 or feel unwell before the event – DO NOT ATTEND.
  • It is your responsibility  to follow the social distancing regulations and the hygiene guidelines in place at the time.

Thank you for your co-operation